Grooming and Covid 19

COVID Update

Covid19 guidelines...

Customers are now allowed to drop off and pick their dog up. I offer a free pick up and drop off service,  and in this case, I'll have to thoroughly disinfect the car between each dog,  to keep cross contamination down and to reduce the risk of spreading from household to household.

If the dog is dropped off/collected, either by the owner or by myself, there must be a non contact handover with appropriate PPE being used. We must use our own leads and collars, one set per dog, which would then need to be put in a bag and sealed and then cleaned at the end of each day. The dog will bathed first thing, and then groomed. 
The work must be carried out wearing PPE not to risk the spread from fur to skin. 

Once the dog is handed back over,  the salon must be totally cleaned and disinfected before the next dog is allowed in, to minimise the risk of spread from household to household. 

thank you, 

Mil x 

Grooming and Covid 19